Ivie Cemetery, Calloway Co, KY


Information submitted by Sylvia Nash:

Ivy Cemetery (Ivy Graveyard in records of Patsy Pittman):  Initially, the Ivie information was sent to me by another researcher who got the information from the book Calloway County Cemeteries, by Judith Ann Maupin.  Then my sister & I went to the Ivy Cemetery and got the rest of the information.  Directions to cemetery:  Take 641 to Murray.  Go to intersection of 641 & 94E.  Turn right.  Go about 8 miles.  You will pass a small store and gas station on the right just before you get to the cemetery.  The cemetery is on the left side of the highway on the top of a high bank.  It is well kept and accessible to visitors. Ivie, John (side facing exit):  1/12/1796-12/6/1875 Ivie, Elizabeth E. (side facing entrance):  wife of John Ivie, 4/14/1798-7/11/1879 Ivie, Julia (side facing highway):  dau of J. & E. Ivie, 11/20/1832-7/18/1855 (message said b May; headstone had Nov) J, E, & J on same headstone (foot markers between headstone and highway).  Ivie, Robert C. (just beyond John Ivie):  1821-6/30/1901.