Family Group - J3

Jarrett Jones Ivy


Jarrett Jones Ivy, born 14 September 1814 in NC, and his wife Eliza Walls had sons John, William, and Jerrett Randolph Ivy. They lived in the Jackson County, AL, area and moved about 1869 to Burleson County, TX.

The parents of Jarrett Jones Ivy are believed by some family researchers to be David Ivy, Jr, and Rachel Jones of Johnston County, NC. Others are considering Charles Ivy as a possible father.



John C. Ivy, 1844-1877, son of Jarrett Jones and Eliza Walls Ivy
George Colbert Ivy, 1871-1937, son of John C. and Mattie Shields Ivy
Charles Graham Ivy, 1906-1976, son of George Colbert and Willie Caroline Moseley Ivy.