Family Group - L1

Lott Ivie


Lott Ivie was born c1750 in NC. He was living in Surry County, NC, when the state census (1784-87) was taken. Lott Ivey was listed with 2 males 21 to 60 years; 3 males under 21, and 3 females of all ages.

Lott Ivey was listed in the 1790 U.S. Census of Pendleton County (Ninety-Six District), SC. He had 2 males of 16 years and upwards; 3 males under 16; and 5 females including heads of families.

Lott moved from SC to Randolph County, GA, where he died in 1812. The land that he lived on later became part of Jasper County, GA. He left a will which is found in Jasper Co will Book A -1808-17, page 48. The will is dated August 11, 1812, and lists his wife Winifred, children, and grandchild Russel Jones as heirs.

His known descendants are:

1. John
2. Benjamin
3. Sally
4. __?__, a daughter who married __?__ Jones
5. Martha, who died in Fayette Co, GA, c1850. She married Green B. Hill c1795.


Reference: Robert Allison Ivey, "A History of the Adam Ivey Family of Charles City (now Prince George) County, VA.