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This page contains links to the subscription service for the IVEY-KIN and IVEY-DNA discussion groups.

IVEY-KIN Rootsweb E-Mail Distribution List Subscription

IVEY-DNA Rootsweb E-Mail Distribution List Subscription

We use these lists for common questions and answers that relate to general research for the Ivey-Ivie-Ivy Family. Topics include good genealogical research tools, information on a particular branch of the family, and anything else that people in the project or interested in similar areas would find generally useful.

To request addition to this list send an email to IVEY-KIN-L@rootsweb.com or IVEY-DNA-L@rootsweb.com with the single word subscribe in the body text. The Rootsweb guidelines restrict the size and content of possible mailings.


The following lists are open for public discussion and maintained by their respective organizations.

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