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This page contains a listing of the various Family Groups, which give a brief description of the earliest known ancestor, where he was located, and known family information such as the names of wife and children.


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Family Groups

Family Group  Earliest Ancestors
A1  Adam ---  Charles City County (now Prince George), VA
A2  Anthony --- NC, GA
A3  Anderson (c1775-1852) --- VA?, NC, GA, TN, Monroe County, MO
A4  Adam (c1715-1792)--- Surry, Sussex VA
A5  Absalom (c1802-1898) --- SC, Campbell County, TN
A6  Absalom (c1782-1866) --- Union County, SC
BB  Benjamin Busby --- MD
C1  Curtis and Caroline Blanton Ivie ---  VA, KY, IL
C2  Curtis and Catherine McLucas Ivy --- SC, AL, MS
C3  Charles Wesley Ivey SR --- GA
C4  Charles Ivey --- NC
E1  Elisha Floyd Ivie/Ivy --- GA
E2  Ephraim Ivey -- Sussex County, VA; Warren County, GA
E3  Edward Ivy -- MS
F1  Franklin Ivie --- VA
G1  George and Elizabeth Gilbreath Ivey --- SC, IL, AR
GW1  George Washington Ivy --- MS, TX
H1  Henry and Agnes Ivy --- NC, TN, KY, MO
H2  Henry Ivy --- Lancaster County, SC
H3  Harrison Ivey --- Jackson County, AL
I1  Isaiah and Mary Ivy --- SC, MS, TX
I2  Isham Ivy, Jr --- Robeson County, NC, MS, AL, Clarke County, MS
I3  Isaiah Ivy --- Marlboro County, SC; AL
I4  Isaiah Ivey --- VA, TN, MO; Descendents to TX, OK
J1  James and Mourning Ivy ---  Marlboro County, SC
J2  James and Lucinda Ivey ---  Jasper County, MS
J3  Jarrett Jones and Eliza Walls Ivy --- NC, Jackson County, AL, Burleson County, TX
J4  James and Rebecca Smyrl Ivey --- Lee and Calhoun County, AL
J5  John Elsner and Clara Connelly Ivey --- SC, LA
J6  James Ivey --- NC, Coffee County, TN, KY
J7  James Ivey --- SC, TN, MS
J8  James and Margaret Correll Ivey --- Gibson County, IN, Crawford County, IL, Sullivan County, IN
J9  James Ivey --- TN, Franklin County, AR, Washington County, AR
J10  Joseph Ivy --- Covington, Yazoo, Leake County, MS
J11  James Russell Ivie --- TN, MO, UT
J12  John Ivy --- VA, Houston, Harris County, TX
J13  James Ivey --- Cornwall, England
J14  Joseph Ivey --- NC, Marlboro County, SC
J15  John Lincoln Ivy --- TN, AR
J16  Jones Ivey --- GA
J17  James Ivey --- Independence County, AR
J18  John Ivey --- Lower Norfolk County, VA
L1  Lott Ivie --- NC, SC, GA
M1  Magirt Ivey --- SC, GA
M2  Marcus L Ivey --- VA, LA, TX, OK
P1  Peter and Clara Green Ivey --- NC and PA
R1  Reuben and Elizabeth Ivey --- Robeson County, NC, MS, TX
R2  Robert McConnell Ivey --- Independence and Crawford County, AR
R3  Robert Ivey --- Dobbs and Bladen County, NC
T1  Thomas Ivey and Thomas Vicesimus Ivey --- Norfolk, VA
T3  Thomas Ivey --- Bladen and Robeson County, NC
TV1  Thomas Vicesimus Ivey --- Lower Norfolk, VA
W1  William Ivy --- TN, MS
W2  William Ivey --- England
W3  William Ivey --- England
Z1  Zachariah Ivey --- SC, AL, MS
Z2  Zera Ivy --- Grainger, TN; White, IN; Ottawa, KS; Descendants to WY




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